Buy Coins


Our method of payment is Coins. 1 SWAN COIN = 1 USD

You may purchase Coins in three ways:  Cryptocurrency, Physical Gift Cards, or Money Order ($100+ only) sent in the mail.  We offer free coins at all top ups over $50.  Members who are photo verified will get a special rate on coins. 

See this page on how to become photo verified.

Please email for info on purchasing coins.  
You may pay via crypto here, or by emailing to request a wallet address.


$5 = 5 Coins
$10 = 10 Coins
$20 = 20 Coins
$50 = 55 Coins (5 Free Coins)
$100 = 110 Coins (10 Free Coins)
$250 = 275 Coins (25 Free Coins)
$500 = 550 Coins (50 Free Coins)
$1000 = 1200 Coins (200 Free Coins)
$2000 = 2500 Coins (500 Free Coins)


$5 = 7 Coins (2 Free Coins)
$10 = 13 Coins (3 Free Coins)
$20 = 25 Coins (5 Free Coins)
$50 = 60 Coins (10 Free Coins)
$100 = 125 Coins (25 Free Coins)
$250 = 300 Coins (50 Free Coins)
$500 = 600 Coins (100 Free Coins)
$1000 = 1250 Coins (250 Free Coins)
$2000 = 2600 Coins (600 Free Coins)

See this page on how to become photo verified.

Please email for info on purchasing coins.  
You may pay via crypto here, or by emailing to request a wallet address.

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