We are a safe and reliable platform for you to post classified ads for companionship.  This site is provider owned and operated by those behind Red Umbrella Hosting and Have We Met (a site you can verify your dates on once they occur).  This site was birthed due to a lack of other viable alternatives for affordable and low cost provider owned advertising.  This site is designed to protect workers from opportunistic clients preying on them during a time of vulnerability.  Providers should be in charge of their own marketing, branding AND advertising.  And that's our goal:  To help put power back in the hands of providers.

We take involuntary participation very seriously.  We understand and know more than anyone how important consent is when it comes to providing companionship.  If you suspect pimping or sex slavery of any kind occurring on this site, please do not hesitate to report it.  This site is for voluntary providers only and we will be making every effort humanly possible to ensure it stays that way.  If you have a reason to suspect that any content on this site might be of an underage individual or is somehow connected to human trafficking -- or you have reason to know of suspected criminal activity -- please report it immediately to the appropriate authorities as well as us. Once contacted by the proper authorities, we will cooperate to the fullest extent possible.

If you suspect or believe you have been the victim of a crime – please report it to us immediately and we will help you handle and resolve the situation any way possible including cooperation with your local law enforcement if you deem it necessary.

We have also added a "Services for Providers" section where those who offer useful services to our industry can let us know they are provider friendly.  This is also where providers with industry related side businesses can offer those services.